Summary: is a free and fun multiplayer game about school children causing chaos and mayhem around a school campus whilst the teachers frantically run around to save the school. Play rounds of 5 minutes and play as either the teachers or the students with between 4-12 players.

Once class is over and break has begun, as the students your goal is to run around and cause chaos, pick things up, throw them around but don’t let the teachers catch you in the act or you’ll be thrown into detention! Once the chaos level reaches 100% students win.

As the teachers, it’s your job to ensure any mischief is dealt with asap, catch children in the act and take them to detention, be careful however, if you get it wrong and no wrongdoing was caught you’ll have to explain yourself to the kid’s parents!


  • Multiplayer (4-12 players per round)

  • Season system, complete and level up to receive rewards

  • Customisable skins 

  • Create your own levels in the map editor!


Tobias Springer developed, he’s also created

Similar Games: and Zombs Royale are both top down 2D IO games that involve skill.


Web browsers (PC)

Release Date:

May 2021


WASD/ Arrow Keys = Movement

Left Mouse Button (Click) = Use held item

Left Mouse Button (Held) = Long interaction

Right Mouse Button (Click) = Grab/Drop or Ride

Right Mouse Button (Held) Throw item or Dash