Crossy Cat


Crossy Cat is an addictive and charming blocky clicker mobile game. Much like a cat your little feline character is out to hunt some fish, and it’s your responsibility to feed this little guy by helping him jump between the void and collect fish. Crossy Cat similar to Crossy Road as it's an obstacle avoidance game and you must manoeuvre through gaps by increasing or decreasing how high he jumps. 

During play you get a feel of how long you must hold before jumping, make use of the simulated physics implemented and know when to jump avoiding bombs, floating boxes and snapping up rare and exciting items and collectables of which there are over 64 of them!

This game is an endless randomly generated game and you have 3 lives, lose all 3 and you’ll have to start from the beginning racking up points to beat your previous score.


  • Spin-to-win system that rewards hats in return for coins

  • 22 collectable hats, 64 collectable objects and 26 different animals to play as

  • Different levels and zones depending on the amount of fish collected

  • Leaderboard/ Highscore system


Alessandro Pezzetti (Havana24), an italian one-man team founded in 2012

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Flappy Bird, Adam and Eve: Crossy River and Rodeo Stampede are all games that take the cartoon element and one unique jumping and avoiding mechanic and integrate them into a competitive mobile style game.


Web browsers (PC and Mobile)

Release Date:

17 Dec 2020



Left Mouse Button = Jump (Hold for higher jumps)


Tap = Jump (Hold for higher jumps)