Imposter is a fan made version of the popular game ‘Among Us’. Travel through space in a futuristic spaceship and survive at all costs. Imposter takes that already popular concept and adds a competitive twist by having you as the imposter, ranking your efforts against the rest of the player-base via a leaderboard system displayed on the main menu.

There’s an imposter aboard the ship, and the crewmates must stay alert whilst completing their objectives. Crewmates must be wary of empty rooms as the traitor can strike at any moment, through vents placed around the map (for easy travel) or round any dark corner! The imposter wants to kill everything and stop at absolutely nothing, they’ll even sabotage the very ship that’s keeping everyone alive, he’s sneaky, cunning and faithful to no-one but himself.

It’s difficult to identify the imposter as he’ll look like any other crewmate but the innocent will be given the option to decide who they want to evict from the ship once a dead body has been found. Ensure no-one saw you make someone recently deceased!

Watchout crewmates we’ve got a traitor amongst us. Are you able to take out the entire ship? Find out for free and online above!


  • Inspired by games like ‘Among Us’ and ‘Amongst Us’

  • Leaderboard system

  • Made in HTML5 for a seamless experience

  • Playable on IOS, Android and on PC


Imposter, the newest in a long line of Among Us inspired games was developed by DRA

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Web browsers (PC and Mobile)

Release Date:

19 Jan 2021


How to play Imposter?

Click on the play button above on any device: mobile (IOS, Android etc.), MAC, PC or laptop and jump directly into a game. 

Once in the game use WASD or touch controls to move and click/tap on the buttons on- screen to interact with the environment or perform actions

What is your goal as the imposter?

After jumping into a game you’ll have all the normal controls at your disposal as an imposter in ‘Among Us’: Vent, Kill and Sabotage. 

  • Venting allows you to jump into vents and fast-travel around the map.

  • Kill murders a crewmate, they’ll need to be close and highlighted in order to pull this action off

  • Sabotage allows you to select a critical ship system to compromise, stopping the crewmates from performing their missions

Kill all crewmates to win!

What do the crewmates do?

They have tasks to complete represented to the imposter as a progress bar at the top of the screen. Once that bar fills up it means the crewmates have finished their tasks and you as the imposter loses.


WASD/ Arrow Keys/ Touch controls = Movement

Left Mouse Button/ Tapping = Interact (On-screen Buttons)