Among Us: Single Player


Among Us: Single Player is a game inspired by the hit game ‘Among Us’ for PC. This single player variant is fan-made and playable through a browser on PC or mobile for free! Among Us: Single Player is a stealth game where you either play as an imposter or a crewmate. As an imposter your goal is to infiltrate, sabotage the crew’s spaceship stopping them from completing their assigned missions and murder them.

As a crewmate you will be assigned missions and objectives to complete, once everyone has completed their jobs around the ship without being killed you win


  • Inspired by the hit game Among Us

  • Character customisation

  • Pets! 


  • As a ghost, you still need to complete your missions or the crewmates won’t win

  • As an imposter, use vents to get around the map quickly. Beware, only imposters can use vents so ensure no one sees you


Klopity - An indie developer who is actively developing this game and continually adding new and exciting features

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Web browsers (PC and Mobile)

Release Date:

Nov 2020


Arrow Keys/ WASD = Movement

Left Mouse Button = Interact

'F' = Map