Summary: is an awesome online multiplayer game featuring pirates, ship fighting, sailing and combat. Join a game and be a crewman of one of the two teams, indicated by colour. Play with friends and destroy other ships by firing cannons. Beware, not only do you have to worry about the opposing team but AI captains roam the map too!

Be precise as the shooting mechanic is fixed and based on your ship’s position, utilise the telescope to spot other ships on the horizon and disembark for hand to hand combat on land or ship once you get close. is lots of fun and being continually updated.


  • 3D environment

  • Online multiplayer (IO)


m0dE (Jaeyun Noh) 

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Web browsers (PC)

Release Date:

Dec 2016

Feb 24 2021 (Most recent update)


WASD = Movement

Left Mouse Button = Shoot/Cast

'Z' = Dock

'C' = Sail/ Cancel

'1' = Equip Cannon

'2' = Equip Fishing rod

'3' = Equip Telescope