Summary: is a cute and fun online multiplayer (IO) game in which you compete against online players attempting to reach the end of an obstacle course first!.

Play as an adorable blocky animal, from dogs, cats, foxes and more. Race against other animals and avoid obstacles from boulders, rotating poles, cars, rocks and jump over chasms, pits and destructible platforms. ultimately is a fun knockout running game with clear inspiration taken from games like 'FallGuys: Ultimate Knockout' and blocky games like Minecraft. Compete against real players but avoid being too slow and coming last or risk being eliminated. is completely free and the developers made it this way, every item can be unlocked in-game using coins or be rewarded with items from playing.


  • Online multiplayer (IO). Play with hundreds of players online now!

  • Colourful, cartoon, hilarious graphics and animations

  • Many different maps and locations each with unique obstacles and challenges

  • Loads of wearables (Hats, helmets, animals, buildings and more) and pets to choose from


Tiffany Wong

Similar Games:

FarmRun is a multiplayer, running game. Reach the end of the obstacle course first to win. FlashGames247 have recently added many games like that here are a few popular ones:, FallBros and HelloGuys.


Web browsers (PC)

Release Date:

Oct 2020


Arrow Keys/ WASD = Movement

Spacebar = Jump

Left Mouse Button = Interact

'E' Activate Item