Amazing Strange Rope Police


Amazing Strange Rope Police - Vice Spider Vegas as an open-world/free roam city simulator featuring an amazing superhero much like Spiderman. You can decide what path your Spiderman will follow, whether it be evil terrorising innocent civilians or save the day and be everyone’s beloved local hero.

Not only is this game insanely fun but is 3D in HD graphics. Complete missions dotted around the city and customise your spider superhero. Use your laser, shoot webs, climb up walls and skyscrapers. This journey is completely yours to take, try it now! Will you be good or evil?


  • 3D with HD graphics

  • Open world (Free roam)

  • Costume customisation

  • Many missions

  • Spiderman functionality (Shooting webs, swinging from buildings) Added lasers too!


Amazing Strange Rope Police was developed by HGames-ArtWorks

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Web browsers (PC)

Release Date:

Dec 2018 (WebGL - PC)

Oct 2017 (Mobile)


Arrow Keys/ WASD = Movement

Left Mouse Button = Attack (Melee/Shoot)

Right Mouse Button = Shoot laser

Space = Jump

Left Shift = Sprint

'G' = Throw Grenade

'Q' = Shoot web

'F' = Open Car

'R' = Open shop

'T' = Open garage