Zombocalypse is an action-packed combat game which also has sequels like the Zombocalypse 2 and Zombocalypse 3. It has engaging and appealing gameplay that involves fascinating weapons and interactive battlegrounds that revolve around zombies and hostile aliens.

The videogame involves an apocalyptic territory which gives ample amount of killing opportunity for both teens and youngsters. In the beginning, players are armed with just a machete to ward off and combat zombies. The more you kill off the enemy the better are your chances to get sophisticated weapons.

Players also get the opportunity to progress down the game and pick up crates that have wide-ranging and better weapons. Zombocalypse 2 allows users to pick up advanced firearms with a down arrow or S key. Players only get to carry and use a machete in the beginning, but later down they can pick up a machine gun a pistol or a shotgun or submachine gun. 

Along with the different levels, users get to improve their weaponry and upgrade their characters like in Raze and Combat Reloaded. Players can also maintain their killstreak to unlock weapons such as a huge missile. Characters also get upgraded with enhanced combat skills as players progress through the game. The game was originally built in Flash technology and later got 

Protect the world and ward off zombies and terrestrial enemies in Zombocalypse unblocked. Takedown the enemy and build your way up to become the ultimate zombie killing warrior. 

Main Features

  • Interesting and appealing zombie killing gameplay

  • Customisable weapons

  • Unlock missiles and choppers with killstreaks

  • Upgrade to different combat skills and perks

  • Epic soundtrack, beats and sound effects


Zombocalypse is one of the top-action shooting games online that offers complete customisation for the characters. The flash game is developed and created by IronZilla.

Release Date

Zombocalypse is a splendid shooting game that was officially released in September 2011 in Flash technology. It was later updated and created in HTML5 and its different sequels were released after the popularity of the prototype.


  • Left and right arrows keys to move your character

  • Space bar to use a weapon

  • Up arrow to use kill streaks


Like most free online shooting games, Zombocalypse is available for both iOS and Android smartphones as well as a PC. You can play the game online by logging into your account on and use it with WebGL for a better visual experience. 


How To Download Zombocalypse For PC?

Zombocalypse can be played on PC while using third party websites that offer freeware. The game can be played seamlessly on Mac OS and Windows 7 or higher. Just make sure to read the third party's policies.

How To Play Zombocalypse?

If you are good at blasting off enemies then Zombocalypse is made for you! All you have to do is fight hordes of zombies without getting killed.

The controls of the videogame are very simple just like Gunblood. Players just need to use the Left and Right arrow keys to move the character. You can use different weapons with the help of a space bar and upgrade and customise different weapons by using the killing streaks by using the Up arrow. 

How To Be Good At Zombocalypse?

You can be good at Zombocalypse and its sequel Zombocalypse 2 by practising one-on-one combat skills. Players can practice their aiming abilities to ward off as many enemies as possible.

When Was Zombocalypse Released?

Zombocalypse unblocked is an entertaining shooting game that was officially released in September 2011. It was originally built in Flash and later updated and created in HTML5 and its different sequels were released after the popularity of the prototype.

Can I Play Games Other Than Zombocalypse On Flash Games? 

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SPACE: Use Weapon
DOWN: Pick up crate (hold to drop weapon)
UP: Call in Support (at 25,50,100 killcombo)
NOTE: Lefties can use WASD controls on the fly!