Gunblood Remastered


What's better than the best western shooting game upgraded to a modernised version? Yes, Gunblood has now been redesigned to offer an improved and seamlessly smooth gaming experience through Gunblood Remastered!

Created by the WolfGames, Gunblood Remastered is one of the most action-packed games that involves one-on-one gunfights. The game demands players to take down all the marksmen in head-on combats and come out as the most feared gunslinger in town!

The western duels include ten fascinating and intriguing Wild West characters that users get to choose from. It involves fast dodges that require users to master quick reflexes. As a skilled gunslinger in the videogame, players have to react quickly once the timer goes out. 

Gunblood Remastered consists of nine lethal rounds that revolve around intense duels based on real-time comebacks. You are faced with a far more vicious enemy after every successful fight, with survival diminishing evermore. 

Main Features

  • Realtime comebacks 

  • Interactive gameplay

  • Precision

  • Wild West Cowboy-style gameplay

  • 10 different characters to choose


The western shootout game is developed by WolfGames to help people enjoy western, one-on-one combats in a much better and improved way. 

Release Date

Gunblood Remastered was launched by WolfGames in May 2018 and is an updated version of its predecessor, Gunblood. 


Gunblood Remastered can be played on both Android and iOS smartphones, just like other free shooting games. You can also play it in a browser by signing into your FlashGames247 account (using WebGL). 


When Was Gunblood Remastered Released?

Gunblood Remastered is a modernized version of the famous Gunblood game developed by WolfGames. The updated version was released in May 2018. 

How to Play Gunblood Remastered?

Gunblood Remastered requires users to challenge groups of brutal outlaws for multiple duels. This game is one of the best free online shooting games that allows people to enjoy the thrill in a classic American Western way!

You can play the game with just a mouse to release fire and take down targets. Just patiently wait for the countdown to end and release fire with the left key of your mouse. 

In Gunblood Remastered, you have to make sure that every shot counts in the long run.

Is Gunblood Remastered Available to Play on Mobile?

Yes, you can download and play the game on your phone. Gunblood Remastered can be downloaded from either Google Play Store or  Apple's App Store. 

How to be good at Gunblood Remastered?

One should have an effective strategy while playing Gunblood, which is also available as gunblood unblocked, to defeat the enemy. 

To begin with, you need to wait for the countdown to end and the FIRE command to appear on the screen. This fast-paced game requires a gunslinger to give quick dodges to the enemy to bring it down quickly. 

The more you kill, the more you can upgrade the weapons and earn coins to unlock several benefits. It's smart to hover the cursor over the barrel of your gun at the bottom of the screen while waiting for the countdown to end and ATTACK!

Can I play games other than Gunblood Remastered on Flash Games? 

Yes, you can definitely! You can easily play games like:


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Gunblood Remastered only requires you to use the mouse and click to fire and kill opponents. Just place the cursor over the gun chamber for three seconds and shoot swiftly as soon as it shows the “FIRE” message to take down your enemy. 

  • Use the cursor to aim at your target.

  • Shoot with Left Click