StickMan Game

Complete daring challenges and missions as gawkily drawn characters in our wide-ranging stickman games. Take on challenging missions and survive harsh conditions as a robust stickman who has outstanding grit. 

Our Stickman Shooting Games are an ideal choice for players who like simpler yet intriguing gameplay. Stickman games online are typically 2D character-based games that involve tasks that include cliff jumping and bike racing. 

You can channel your inner passion for dirt bike races or one-on-one intense gunfights. Help your stickman character with tumbles and falls with our free stickman games. The best thing about stickman games is that the fun never stops and you can play even if you happen to fail again and again. 

Another great thing about Stickman games is that they come in both single-player and multiplayer modes. Players have the option to invite over their friend and go on adventures with their hand-drawn freedom fighters. 

At FlashGames, you will find a wide variety of stickman genres. For instance, players can enjoy bike races on ATVs to manoeuvre through challenging terrains. Our action-packed challenges include shooting off other stickmen in face-to-face combats while defending one's territory. 

Our Stickman games are ideal for beginners who aim to practice their basic combat and target aiming skills for many advanced games like Call of Duty, Counterstrike, and other popular PC games. 

You can enjoy evading spike pits, and lava eruptions through rocky terrain rides in our stickman games online such as Stickman Fugitive, Stickman Sam 2, Stickman Sam 3, and Stickman Sam 4.


What are Stickman Games?

Stickman Games revolve around little cartoon stick figures that act as the lead roles. The games are action-packed and involve certain combat and fun activities in the gameplay. 

Stickman Games online usually come in a 2D interface with fun game maps that can be greatly explored. You can either play Dragon Ball Z stickman games or fleeing the complex stickman games that come in both single and multiplayer modes.

Also, you can either lead your stickman into war or make him compete for a thrilling and challenging bike race. Players can either step into the roles of a sniper assassin or raider or a looter on the run. It's fun to practice one's stealth abilities as a Ninja stickman.

Stickman games unblocked help young teens and adults to enjoy free killing sessions in a fun and cheerful way. Games like Sniper Assassin and Henry Stickman games like Fleeing The Complex are ideal for people who love taking up on exciting challenges.

Our fun stickman games help users to enhance and practice their skills to infiltrate army camps or practice expert-level mountain and terrain biking. Users get access to exciting firearms which can be used to take down enemy stickman figures like ragdolls.

Stickman characters can have as much might as any other characters online, and these little figures can unleash a great amount of violence. But not all stickman games online are about fighting. Some of them include fun, recreational activities like solving puzzles or completing a mission within a maze.

The more players play stickman games, and the higher are the chances to develop and upgrade the character for better combat skills. Ther are certain games that can help you learn and adopt specific skillsets like archery or defence.

How To Play Stickman Games?

You can practice your combat and shooting skills in singleplayer mode. Once you've developed your skills decently, you can invite your friends through Facebook and enjoy shooting off stick figures.

You can embark on a heroic adventure with your friends or becoming a laughing tick in cartoonish and trolling games. You can sign up on FlashGames and log in to your account whenever you feel like enjoying a game or two.

The gameplay of stickman free games is highly easy that portrays murder, treachery, and crime. Experience carnage within a stickman community. So why wait? Join the stickman community to make it to the top with cool stuff of the gameplay. 

What Are The Best Mobile Stickman Games?

FlashGames has a wide range of free online stickman games that are entertaining for people of all age groups. Our games have are the ideal choice for online players for enhanced and better user experience on the Web. 

Our best mobile stickman games include:

Vex 4

Vex 4 is all about completing vexing levels with your stickman character to scale high walls and cliffs. 

Stickman War

Stickman War is all about taking down as many stickman enemies as possible!

Stickman Madness

Stickman Madness is all about going on exciting shooting missions as a stickman to shoot sticks. 

Stickman Fugitive

Carry out a money heist and avoid the police at all costs. Run for your lives and all the valuables that you have just stolen from the bank!

Stickman Sam 4

Stickman Sam 4 is the exciting and most advanced sequel of the original Stickman Sam. 

Stickman Sam 3

Take down enemies with advanced weapons and fun gameplays as the Stickman Sam.

What Are The Most Popular Online Stickman Games?

Some of the popular stickman games online are:

Stickman Sam 3

Defend and fight off enemies with sophisticated weapons and fun gameplays as the Stickman Sam.

Stickman Sam 4

Stickman Sam 4 is the exciting and most advanced sequel of the original Stickman Sam. 

Stickman Fugitive

Carry out a money heist and avoid the police at all costs. Run for your lives and all the valuables that you have just stolen from the bank!

G Switch 3

G Switch requires the players to combat against their challenges within a limited time. 

Armor Mayhem 

Mysterious energy crystals have been found on another planet which need to be controlled and retrieved. Put up your A-game to win the crystals!


Counterstrike is a first-person shooter game built on Flash technology. You can play this unblocked online shooting game easily anywhere you want.


Gunblood involves one-on-one gun combats with other challengers in an addicting, western shoot-out style. 


Stickman takes on all on comers in this fast paced shooter