Raze- Free Online Shooting Game


If you are a person who loves head-to-head combat with robots and zombies, then the online game Raze is the perfect choice for you!

Players get to explore exciting combat arenas and battle against gruesome aliens, zombies, and robots to defend the planet Earth from an invasion. You can invite your friends and create impressive teams to fight against your enemies. 

The gameplay of the Flash game is inspired by a futuristic space shooting theme. Raze 1 had garnered such a massive public demand that the developers were forced to release Raze 2 and Raze 3. The sequels are as interesting and engaging as the original game. 

Players also have the freedom to customize their character and select their playing style from a wide range of options. The game alone provides 20 different costumes to choose from! The Raze game also offers different shooting game modes such as Campaign and Deathmatch. 

The gameplay of Raze is very much like Armour Mayhem, and it consists of different features and various elements. For instance, players have the flexibility to double jump and access jumps boost. 

Raze online features a wide variety of weaponry, including powerful machine guns, wicked snipers, cool shotguns, etc. These weapons can be unlocked on different levels as players proceed with the game. 

The Campaign mode in Raze allows users to work their way through different missions that revolve around interesting plotlines. Raze online has smooth functionality with interactive graphics that provide a real combat feel. 

Main Features

  • Fun and customisable characters

  • Lasting milestones and achievements

  • Entertaining and engaging gameplay


Raze is one of the best free online shooting games that offers complete control over the characters. The flash game is developed and created by Addison Rodomista (AddisonR) and Justin Goncalves (Juice-Tin).

Release Date

Raze is a terrific shooting game that was officially released in February 2010 (Flash). It was later updated and created in HTML5 in July 2020.


Like most free online shooting games, Raze 2 can be played on both a smartphone and a PC. You can log in to your account on and play games of your preference using WebGL for a better user experience. 


Is Raze a Multiplayer Shooting Game?

Yes! Raze is considered to be the first multiplayer 3D shooter game on an ordinary system and the first dominant network multiplayer action game that can facilitate up to 16 players in combat. 

When Was Raze Released?

The Multiplayer action game was officially released in February 2010 as a Flash version. The original Raze game was later updated and created in HTML5 in July 2020.

Is Raze Available On Mobile?

Yes, you can play the multiplayer action-packed game: Raze online on both Android and Apple smartphones. 

Can I Play Games Other Than Raze On Flash Games? 

Yes, you can play games other than Raze on FlashGames! You can easily play videogames like:

Brain Splatters

Storm Ops 3

stickman sam 3



  • WASD or Arrows to move the character

  • Spacebar to jump

  • Left-click to shoot

  • 1-0 to select and change weapons

  • P to pause the game