Gunblood- Online shooting games for free


Based on a western shooting theme, Gunblood is one of those shooter games that allows users to bring out the gunslinger in them. Developed by the WolfGames, Gunblood is one of the most action-packed games that involves one-on-one gunfights. 

The chief purpose of the game is to defeat all the marksmen in head-on combats to become the most feared gunslinger in the game. It involves fast dodges that require users to master quick reflexes. 

If you have always wanted to go back and live in the old American Western days and combat like a pro gunslinger, then Gunblood is definitely made for you! The western duels include ten fascinating and intriguing Wild West characters that users get to choose from. 

Gunblood consists of nine deadly rounds that revolve around intense duels based on real-time comebacks. You are faced with a far more vicious enemy after every successful fight, while your chances of survival are diminishing evermore. 

Win every duel to prove that you're the best shot in the whole town!

Main Features

  • Sophisticated visual imagery 

  • Multiple maps; maze and dust walls

  • User-friendly operations

  • Customisable control sensitivity 

  • Realistic virtual experience and combat sounds

  • Play with players all across the world.


The western shootout game is created by WolfGames to help people from all age groups to enjoy western, one-on-one combats. 

Release Date

Gunblood was created and officially released on November 15, 2016.


Gunblood can be played on mobiles both on Android and iOS smartphones, just like other free shooting games. It can also be played in a browser by signing into your account on FlashGames247 (using WebGL). 


How to Play Gunblood?

Gunblood is a top choice of millions when it comes to fast-paced games full of thrill. It involves challenging a group of brutal outlaws for multiple duels. This makes this shooter game even more fun and exciting! 

Gunblood can be played with just a mouse to release fire and take down targets. All one needs to do is patiently wait for the countdown to end and release fire with the left key of your mouse. 

In Gunblood, you have to be very cautious about ammo since the guns come with a limited supply of bullets. 

Is Gunblood Available to Play on Mobile?

Yes, you can play it on your phone. The game can be downloaded from both Google Play Store and Apple's App Store. 

What Are The Most Effective Gunblood Pro Tips?

It is best to play Gunblood unblocked with an effective strategy to defeat the enemy. 

Firstly, it's advised to wait patiently for the countdown to end and the FIRE command to appear on the screen. This game is highly fast-paced and requires a gunslinger to give quick dodges to defeat the enemy. 

The more you kill, the more you can upgrade your guns and coins to unlock crazy benefits. It's smart to hover the cursor over the barrel of your weapon at the bottom of the screen, and wait for the countdown to end and then POUNCE!

How to download Gunblood for PC?

Yes, you can download Gunblood on your PC directly from Microsoft's Window Store with an account that you have with them. It can be downloaded on Windows 10 or higher with a 64-bit configuration. 

Can I play games other than Gunblood on Flash Games? 

Yes, you can definitely! You can easily play games like:


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Gunblood only requires you to freely move your mouse and tap the screen to fire and kill opponents. Just place the cursor over the gun chamber for three seconds and shoot swiftly as soon as it reads “FIRE” to take down your enemy. 

  • Use the cursor to aim your gun.

  • Shoot with Left Click