Duck Hunt


Duck Hunt is a simple yet exciting and tricky arcade game. This game is inspired by the original Duck Hunt, a fabulous game by Nintendo. As the name indicates, this game is related to the hunting of ducks. The ducks are moving in the air on the screen, and you have to shoot them down before they disappear from the screen. You can also reload your weapon when required. 

Your objective is to shoot as many ducks as you can. The time for the game is three minutes in which you're supposed to shoot maximum ducks. One more thing, be careful while shooting ducks, so you don't shoot your faithful dog. Aim your weapon fast so could shoot down more ducks and score more points.

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  • Left Mouse Button - to shoot.

  • Spacebar - to reload.

Main features:

  • Simple mechanics 

  • Amazing graphics and voice effects

  • Fullscreen display option


You can play Duck Hunt game on a web browser (desktop and mobile).


The Duck Hunt game is developed by Matthew Surabian.

Release Date:

The Duck Hunt game was officially released in April 2019.


How To Play Duck Hunt Game?

Playing Duck Hunt game is pretty simple. You have to shoot the ducks that appear on the screen, either one by one or two to three at the same time. You have a chance to shoot them until they fly away from the screen. Be careful and make sure not to hit your dog while aiming to shoot the ducks. You can reload the weapon by clicking the space bar. Make sure to shoot as many ducks as you can in 3 minutes. You can receive points for shooting each duck. So shoot more and more ducks to earn more points and get good scores.

Is Duck Hunt Game Available To Play On Mobile?

Yes, this game is available to play on mobile phones as well. Play this game on your mobile phone without any trouble and have fun with Duck Hunt.

Duck Hunt Online Pro Tips.

Be as fast as you can while shooting the ducks because you have limited time. The game will automatically end after three minutes, so you've to shoot maximum ducks moving on the screen. Adjust your screen brightness; this will also help in aiming the target accurately. Furthermore, press Start and then unpause the game. It will freeze the game temporarily, and you have enough time to hit the ducks on screen.

How To Download Duck Hunt For Pc?

Many links are available on the internet to download Duck Hunt game. Simply, go to the search engine and type "download duck hunt game for PC". Search results will appear with multiple sites containing the download link. Select any one of the top-listed sites, open it and click the download button. The game will be downloaded shortly, and you can play it on your PC.


Shoot many duck as you can in 3 mins, SPACEBAR TO RELOAD, The game is simple but fun.