City Siege


City Siege is a fun shooting game based around protecting a city from the insurgency. It consists of a protagonist who is termed as a unit. Different units can be selected for different levels. If one unit loses its life, there is a golden chance of continuing the level with the other unit.

The concept of the game revolves around a few “baddies” that fire bullets at you and that try to create problems in the city. Your job as a unit is to protect the civilians and VIPs and fire bullets only at the baddies. 

Like other games in the series, i.e. City Siege 2: Resort Siege, City Siege 3: Jungle Siege, City Siege: Sniper, and City Siege 4: Alien Siege, you can also play this game without any difficulty. After successfully passing every level, you can unlock new weapons and tools to kill the baddies.


  • Use cursor or WASD keys to control the troops

  • Aim with the mouse

  • Click to shoot

  • Use mouse to scroll and look at what's ahead

Main Features

  • Several units available for unlocking

  • Units can be renamed

  • Every level has a backstory

  • Three different slots available to save game


City Siege is a web browser game created by the Podge Games.


Being a web browser game, City Siege is available on every device with a stable internet connection. This includes both PCs and smartphones. City Siege is supported by all operating systems, including Android and iOS devices.


How To Play The City Siege Game?

City Siege is a single-player game which gives you the exciting opportunity of deciding your own future in the game. In this game, you will act as a troop known as a unit. As a selfless soldier, you would have to put your life at risk in the larger interest of the company.

The sole purpose for players of City Siege is to fight against the troublemakers, known as baddies in the game. You can use bullets, grenades and all sorts of weapons available to make the baddies meet their fate. 

How To Be Good At City Siege?

To do better in the game, aim for the headshots of the enemy. Also, to retain your life in this game, make sure you stay away from your enemy's bullets and rebounds of your own ammunition.

What Is The Purpose Of The City Siege Plan?

City Siege is an action-packed game available on FlashGames. Its plan revolves around a city that has been taken over by dangerous armed forces which have unleashed complete hostility on the town. As a troop, now you are responsible for restoring the city in its original state by fighting the baddies.

Complete mission levels to earn funds to recruit new units, heal wounded units, and collect stars to upgrade your units to increase their health.

How To Download City Siege For PC?

City Siege is a browser game which is best suited for online play. However, if you want to access a downloadable version of the game on your PC, that is available too. 

Simply, search “Download City Siege for PC” on your search engine. An array of options will be displayed for you in the search results. Open a link and click download for PC. After a few step installation process, City Siege would be installed on your PC and ready for you to play!

Can I Play Games Other Than City Siege On FlashGames? 

Yes, you can play games other than City Siege on FlashGames! You can easily play videogames like:

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W,A,S,D / Arrow Keys - Control the unit. Mouse - Scroll / Aim / Shoot.