Storm Ops 3


The third instalment of the Storm Ops shooting game is here! You had guns in the previous instalments, but in Storm Ops 3, you will be using a bow with arrows to defeat your enemies. Enemy troops are assailing in, so in order to stop them from entering into your territory, draw your bow and let the arrows fly.

Keep in mind that there is a considerable delay between the time you fire the arrows, and it hits your target. So make sure to aim ahead of enemies and kill them before they manage to invade your village. You will also be able to upgrade your weapon, make gate repairs, build catapults, and recruit archers after each day. Protect your town by being the best archer in the land!

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  • Use Mouse to aim and shoot

  • Press 1, 2, and 3 for garrison actions

  • Press Spacebar to cancel a shot

  • Press Q to swap quivers

  • Press O for quality

  • Press M to mute

  • Press ESC/P for menu

Main Features

  • Upgrade weapons, make gate repairs, build catapults and recruit archers after each day.

  • Simple operations.

  • Rich combat action and combat sound.


This fun-packed arcade game was developed by 3KG Games.

Release Date

Storm Ops 3 was released in Feb 2010.


How To Play The Storm Ops 3 Game?

In Storm Ops 3 game, you are an archer who is defending his home castle. Shoot your enemies on sight, manage your defence and try to survive fierce attacks on your castle.

You can click on the armoury using your mouse to customise your load-out and click the gate tower to manage gate repairs. It's also essential to use garrison that is stationed in your base. You can train your garrison and upgrade the defence abilities of your castle from the money you earned killing enemies.

What Is The Purpose Of The Storm Ops 3 Plan?

In Storm Ops 3, your castle is under siege, and you need to hold for 25 days of constant attacks. After 25 days, the reinforcement will arrive to help you, but until then you need to survive and to defend your castle. It's up to you now to stop the intruders and bring harmony to your town. 

How To Download Storm Ops 3 For PC?

If you want to access a downloadable version of the game on your PC, simply search “Download Storm Ops 3 game for PC” on your search engine. An array of options will be displayed for you in the search results. Open a link and click download for PC. After a few step installation process, your game will be installed on your PC and ready for you to play!

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Instructions are in the game