Rogue Soul 2


Rogue Soul 2 is the amazing sequel of the thrilling Rogue Soul series which is an FPS combat game that involves various fascinating characters. Players can slash their way through the missions by looting their enemies in different game environments. In Rogue Soul 2, players also get to customise their characters and skins to make the missions more interesting. 

Now you can become a bandit at your own will and loot the markets and places and become the most notorious robber in town. Enjoy the thrill of stealing equipment, money, and other valuables by playing the action-packed Rogue Soul 2! 

Unlike simpler games similar to Swords and Sandals, Bubble Trouble, Cube Field, Tiles Of The UnExpected, and Paper Minecraft, players can learn many advanced fighting skills as they proceed up the levels. You can unlock sophisticated weaponry, including different guns and armour. Rogue Soul 2 allows players to pick up odd objects from the black market and personalise the look of their infamous character. 

Main Features

  • 9 distinct power-ups

  • 6 black market items

  • 5 different moves 

  • Several skins to unlock


Rogue Soul 2 is a web browser game that can be played on both tablets and smartphones. The action fighting game is developed by Soul Game Studios.


Players can select controls from two different sets of controls. 

Arrow keys or the WASD keys to move.

Press the Z or J key to slide.

X or K key to throw.


Rogue Soul 2 unblocked is a web browser game meaning that it can be played on a personal computer as well as on mobile phones. It can be played in any browser on both iOS and Android phones.


How To Beat Black Captain in Rogue Soul 2?

You can beat Black Captain in Rogue Soul 2 by being a little cautious when he approaches you. It is best to be a little defensive before attacking him. You can jump above his shockwave when he attacks you with it. 

The best time to attack is when he swings his sword up and down. You need to attack him when he has the sword up by using the slide and right off jump to activate the parachute in order to avoid Black Captain's power attack. These tactics can be repeated to defeat Black Captain in Rogue Soul 2.

How To Play Rogue Soul 2?

Rogue Soul 2 has many interesting levels that comprise of exciting gameplay. Your character may appear as a bandit. But soon you'd see him evolving over the missions as you proceed in the game. And you'd be awed at his selflessness in helping and rescuing other captives.

In the game, your only objective as a player is to complete the goals designated for each zone. These goals may vary from level to level. For instance, you might be required to rescue captives from their jails or you might be asked to collect treasure from different fascinating locations. Players get rewarded with coins after successfully completing each zone.

How To Be Good At Rogue Soul 2?

Players can unlock new moves by utilising the coins that they have earned by completing the missions. This way, players can upgrade the skills and appearance of their character. 

You can also unlock different skins and costumes to add more of the appeal to your game by upgrading your look like a bandit. Players can also benefit from the black markets by buying different powerful items that can help in face-to-face combats.

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Use your keyboard to play.