Rogue Soul


Rogue Soul, the game character steals an apple from a vendor. Soon he saw a wanted poster for him with 43 soulon bounty. This excited him that he has caused a disturbance in the town. Walking further, he saw another wanted poster of 5000 soulon bounty for a guy named Borin Hood. Angry and determined, he came with an idea to do better and become the most wanted thief in the town.

Now Rogue Soul is on the adventurous journey as a thief to steal the treasures and escape the city, but the routes to cover are loaded with guards and soldiers. You need to be in action and use your reflexes sharply to escape successfully. Throughout the game, he runs automatically and defeats the enemies encountered on his way. And you are supposed to collect the treasures while dodging. 

Try to get as far as you can but without getting harmed or killed by the enemies. In this way, rogue soul slowly increases the bounties as he collects treasure or defeats an enemy. After some time, rogue soul enters a new zone with a checkpoint where he has to defeat an enemy to go further. 

In case rogue loses, you can continue to respawn at the start of that zone. You can use the opportunity of continuing only two times. If you get defeated a third time, you need to start the game from the beginning. So avail the opportunity wisely.

The game revolves mainly around treasures, enemies and loot. Gems and coins are packed up while running, but it is not that easier to get, especially when it could result in loot. You need to face seven enemies including soldier, spearman, archer, captain, brute, black captain, and assassin.

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  • Right and left arrow keys - to move forwards and backwards.

  • Up arrow key - to jump. Pressing it while in mid-air will perform a double jump. However, double jumps are limited. You can give flowers to a Souly to gain more double jumps.

  • Down arrow key - if on a platform, you can dropdown.

  • F key - to slide.

  • G key - to throw a dagger.

  • D key - used to parachute.

Main Features:

  • Multiple enemies, including soldier, spearman, archer, captain, brute, black captain, and assassin.

  • Infinite towns.

  • 50 loots to collect.

  • Five exciting challenges.


  • Web browser

  • Android


Rogue Soul game is developed by Soul game studio.

Release Date:

Rogue Soul was released in October 2012.


How To Play Rogue Soul Game?

You have to run, jump and escape from the enemies which you will find many times, especially when entering a new zone. Plus, you have to collect the treasure on the way to earn more bounties and become the most wanted criminal of the city.

How To Be Good At Rogue Soul Game?

As the objective of the game is to escape and earn more bounties, run and jump to protect yourself from enemies and earn bounties. Once you have successfully evaded, know that you are performing well at Rogue Soul. Moreover, practice will help you get better and better in this game.

What Is The Purpose Of The Rogue Soul Plan?

The purpose of Rogue Soul is to gain bounties of 50000 soulons.  You can get them by collecting treasure, defeating the enemies on the way, and getting as far as you can without being defeated or killed by the enemies. 


Left/Right - Run Up - Jump/Double Jump Down - Drop Down F - Slide G - Dagger D - Parachute