Cube Field


Cube Field is a browser game that is based on great 3D graphics with interactive and engaging gameplay that includes cool music and sound effects. The game-play is fast-paced and includes lots of running which help gauge a player's skills, reflexes, and concentration.

The aim of the game is to proceed through the missions without hitting the coloured cubes. As you manoeuvre through the never-ending maze stretched out before you, you will find coloured cubes that you have to avoid at any cost. 

Although the missions and the aim of the gameplay is relatively easier to that of Bubble Shooter

Gorillaz Tiles, Billiards, and Mahjong Alchemy, it gets complex and challenging as you progress down the game. The more you level up, the more you gain travel speed and the maze starts to become far more complex. The chances of crashing into the cubes increase swiftly as you level up in the game. 

Players are given an automatic ship which needs to be controlled and directed through a maze of colourful cubes. All you have to do is to run as far as possible from the colourful cubes and avoid them at all costs.

Main Features

  • Different levels with unique designs

  • Simple and straightforward controls

  • Striking 3D graphics

  • Impressive background music and sound effects

  • Single-player and multiplayer modes

  • Resumable game-Pause button functionality


Cube Field is a web browser game that can be played on all types of mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. The game is developed by YoArcade.

Release Date

Cube Field unblocked is a fun 3D online game that was officially released in January 2006. It has been regularly updated since its origination. The game was updated to the HTML5 version in 2017.


Left arrow key to move to the left 

Right arrow key to move to the right

Press P to pause.


Like most free online shooting games, Cube Field is a browser game which can be played  on smartphones and a PC. You can play Cube Field by logging into your account on in a browser and use it with WebGL for a better improved experience. 


Who Created Cube Field?

Cube Field is an ideal browser game which can be highly addictive. The free online game was released in January and developed by YoArcade.

How To Download Cube Field For PC?

Cube Field is based on HTML5 and can only be played in a browser on either a PC or mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

How To Play Cube Field?

The aim of Cube Field is to go through the maze while avoiding the coloured cubes at any cost. Players get to control an automatic ship which needs to be steered through the maze without hitting obstacles and cubes on the way. If you will hit any obstacles you will lose immediately and the more you level up the more speed you'll pick up along the way. 

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