Bubble Trouble


Bubble Trouble is a retro shooting game that involves shooting down all the bubbles in a mission. This is an awesome game which involves a single character that shoots down all the bubbles in different levels.

The online game has a much simpler gameplay than games like 247 Mini Golf Multiplayer, Handless Millionaire, Governor Of Poker, and American Differences Cars, but yet it gets exciting as the shooter shoots a bubble and it splits into several small bubbles. So it's the job of the player to keep an account of the bounce of the bubbles before they land on them.

Bubble Trouble 1 and Bubble Trouble 2 are the online shooting games which are based on a timer, and there is a certain time limit to complete all of the missions and levels in the game. Players need to burst and eliminate bubbles as quickly as possible.

This game is a perfect choice for kids and the elderly who prefer games that are simple yet addictive. Bubble Trouble is available in both single-player and multiplayer modes so that people can enjoy the game with friends and family as well.                                                                                                                                                                

Main Features

  • Both single-player and multiplayer mode

  • Exciting gameplay

  • Power-ups on shooting each bubble 

  • Different balloon colours for vibrancy


Bubble Trouble is a web browser game that can be played on both tablets and smartphones. The game is developed by Kresimir Cvitanovic.

Release Date

The game was Initially released as a Flash game in May 2007, and was later released in HTML5 in January 2017 so that it could be played online on mobile phones as well.


Bubble Trouble is a web browser game meaning that it can be played on a personal computer as well as on mobile phones. It can be played in any browser on both iOS and Android phones. If the Flash version is no longer functional in the IE11 on your PC or MAC, it is best to play it in either Chrome or Firefox browser.


Can Bubble Trouble Be Played On Phones And Tablets?

Yes, Bubble Trouble can be played on both mobile phones as well as tablets since it's browser game using the HTML5 technology. All you need is a functional browser to play the game on your mobile devices. 

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How To Play Bubble Trouble?

Players can easily move around left and right with the Left and Right arrow keys. And press the spacebar key to shoot at the bubbles. One needs to be very careful of the bubbles floating around since if they'll touch you, you'll immediately lose the game. 

The game also consists of rewards which are basically collectible symbols in form of coins and other things. The faster you take down your targets the more quickly you'll be rewarded with points. 

Bubble Trouble can be played with both the mouse and the keyboard, with the keyboard being the default user settings. But the controls can be customised through the Control Menu. 

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Player 1 controls

Left and right arrow to move

Space bar to shoot

Player 2 controls

X and C to move

W to shoot