3D Bowling


Bowling games have been played for so long, but this 3D bowling game has revived and made the game more striking due to its ultimate fun experience. 

3D bowling is an excellent bowling game with effective mechanics and simple and easy controls. What makes 3D Bowling Game more appealing is that you can play in different scenes and with different balls. So you have a variety of gaming experience. 

In this game, you try to strike in a way that you can knock maximum pins. By practising more, you would be able to hit all the pins in one go as well. You can play this 3D Bowling Game in three modes, either you go for solo; single player to beat your own score, or play against a friend turn by turn striking. You can also play against the computer to challenge yourself and for practising purpose.

To become a pro, just keep playing and challenging yourself and beat your score again and again. Eventually, you would be an expert in bowling and will knock down the pins altogether. 

So are you good at bowling? Test your bowling skills by playing this game on, for FREE!


To grab the ball, hold the left mouse button and then release to throw the ball.

Main Features:

  • Stunning 3D Graphics.

  • Three game modes including solo, against a computer, or a friend.

  • Multiple bowling balls.

  • Stats tracking.

  • Effective mechanics.


You can play 3D Bowling Game on your favourite web browser. Via both Android and iOS platforms.

Release Date:

The game was released in July 2018.


How To Play 3D Bowling Game?

Playing 3D bowling is easy and straightforward. 

  • Position the ball either on the left or right side by dragging. 

  • Then to throw the ball, flick it with your finger.

  •  Swipe to add swing to the ball., the ball will then knock the pins.

  • To throw a hook ball, give a curve gesture to screen.

What Is The Purpose Of The 3D Bowling Game Plan?

The purpose of the game is to roll down a heavy ball along the narrow, long lane to hit the objects, known as pins, on the other end of the lane. Your number should be more than the opponent, so knock down as many pins as you can

How To Download 3D Bowling Game For PC?

To download 3D bowling on PC, you have to follow some steps. 

  • First, download emulators such as Bluestacks or any other alternatives for your PC. 

  • Then open the android emulator and login with your Google account. 

  • Go and find 3D bowling game on the Play Store.

  • Click the install option, and enjoy the game for free.

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Click and pull back the bowling ball, move forward and release to throw. Click and move side to side to move the ball in a direction.